Beginners Acro Yoga Workshop

Alcheme Wellbeing, Surbiton
Sunday, July 9, 2023
12:00 pm

Join Kwame & Georgie for a 2 hour introduction into the fundamentals of developing an acro yoga practice, crafted specially for beginners and newcomers.

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An introduction to flying and flowing with friends

Take flight with Kwame & Georgie in this beginner-friendly acro yoga workshop at Alcheme in Surbiton. Whether you come with a partner or solo you'll learn foundational acroyoga skills, partner calibrations and the confidence to start your acro yoga journey.

What to expect

This two-hour workshop is geared specifically for total beginners, meaning there are no pre-requisite skills to join in. You don't even need a mat or a partner! Just bring yourself, a smile and a willingness to take flight and lift up your partners! Whether you're already an advanced-yogi who's looking to add a new dimension to your practice, or you're just exploring new ways to get active and stay social, you'll find challenge and growth throughout this workshop! Expect to build confidence, trust and feel uplifited (literally!) as you and your partners take your practice to new heights.

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Added Bonus - A Free Yoga or Pilates Class at Alcheme Wellbeing

We're partnering up with our lovely hosts Alcheme Wellbeing who're offering a free class in their studio to anyone joining us for this workshop. So not only do you get 2 hours of acro yoga with us, but you can get an extra yoga or pilates class with one of their fantastic, in-house teachers! (Please note, this free class credit is for non package-holders only and is valid once per person).

Meet your teachers

Kwame & Georgie are a pair of acro yogis based in South London. They both base, fly and love getting inverted. Two techies by day, when they aren't upside down and lifting people up, you can find them sipping coffee and designing digital experiences. Kwame's background is in Yoga teaching, Gymnastics and Chinese Martial arts and Georgie brings bouldering and climbing experience into the mix - making for a well rounded teaching team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the acro yoga classes in Surbiton?

Right now, I'm only teaching at the wonderful Alcheme Wellbeing, but I'm already in talks with 3 other venues! Sign up to the mailing list to find out when things are confirmed!

Where do you teach acro yoga privates?

We can rent space in one of the many local studios and gyms. Alternatively, if you have suitable space at home, I can travel to you. Contact me directly to discuss.

I'm not near Surbiton but I'd love to learn, can you recommend another teacher or class?

Of course. London is full of great acro yoga teachers and I'd love to connect you to one. Click the contact button below, tell me where you are based and I'll send you details for the nearest teachers. I love introducing new people to the rest of the community and there are always fantastic workshops and classes available - especially as you advance your practice.

Can I come to an acro yoga class without a partner?

Yep. You're welcome to come with a partner, a friend, a parent or whoever but solo participants are encouraged too. My first experiences with acro yoga were going to classes on my own and I made great friends every time - so I'm a big advocate. Acro classes are great places to find a partner, if you don't already have one, while calibrating and learning the fundamentals to develop your own personal practice. We also generally work in trios or groups of four, rotating between the three roles (Base, Flyer, Spotter) so even if you do come with a partner you'll be interacting with and meeting new friends.

I've got an injury, can I still come to your acro classes?

Consult your doctor first. If they clear you, drop me a message and I'll confirm. I'm not a doctor so I'm not diagnosing, and I'm not in your body so ultimately it'll be your call to decide what your limits are and to take care of yourself - but I'll work with you to make the practice accessible if you're willing to join in. But please be clear and disclose before class as communication is one of the keys of the practice.

Do I need to be super strong to practice acro yoga?

Nope. Strength is useful, much like flexibility, as more strength makes a lot of moves easier - especially when you're the person basing or spotting - but you can build it as you learn and develop your practice. A lot of the time, good technique, familiarity with the movement and correct bone-stacking means you don't need much strength at all to pull off really impressive positions and flows. You'll be surprised what you're capable of.

Do I need to be super flexible to practice acro yoga?

Nope. It can help, of course, with articular movements and positions, but it's by no means a pre-requisite. Plus, a great benefit of the practice is that your mobility will likely improve as you develop and improve. At a beginner level, though, most things won't require you to push yourself and flexibility is laregely just a bonus.We don't use many props in acro classes, however, if you're feeling particularly stiff in your back and hamstrings - or just want to stretch out your sessions by lightening the load - ask me about back pillows as I can recommend a few or show you how to DIY one.

Can we connect on Instagram?

Sure. Check my main page @learnmoveteachsmile. And if you're local, check out the @claphamcommonacrojam too.

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